How To: Make My Soap Last Longer

Why does natural soap wash away so fast?

Using organic, natural and handmade soap bars can be amazing for your skin, but also a bit expensive.  Natural soaps DO wash away a little faster because they’re made with fresh, natural ingredients, and don’t contain additives (synthetic or otherwise) that make soap “last” longer. 

Think like this – The more natural, organic ingredients: the more skincare benefits… But, this also means that the soap will be more biodegradable. The good news here is, if your “natural” soap is washing away faster, it means that it’s probably, actually natural.

1st way to make your soap bar last longer:

Cut soap into pieces/slices

Cut the soap bar into 4- 6 pieces, some people even shave their soaps into thin slices.  Think less is more, the bigger the bar, the more surface area, the faster the soap washes away.  A little piece of a soap bar will still produce the same lather to get you as clean as compared to using the entire bar.

2nd way to make your soap bar last longer:

Use a Soap Tray

Enjoy the use of a soap tray, and by ‘soap tray’ we mean: anything that doesn’t let the soap sit in a puddle of water.  The idea is to keep the soap dry if it’s not in use.  That means the spray of the shower water too. Soap trays are great because they spice up the scene and bring a little style to your bathing routine. Look for ones that have good drainage and fit your style.

3rd way to make your soap bar last longer:

Use a Soap Bag

  • Using a soap bag helps save pieces of soap that are too small to keep in your hand. 
  • Placing the soap on the bag makes it act like a sponge, soaking up all the moisture that’s still on the soap bar. 
  • Putting the bar inside the bag is possibly better, getting each side dry. Just find a place to hang it where it won’t get wet. 
  • Use your bag as a loofah to get that extra exfoliation you may need, but keep in mind, you should only use small pieces when using it as a loofah to get the maximum amount of lather.

4th way to make your soap bar last longer:

Switch out your favorite soaps

If you interchange your soaps every week, it will mean you will have more soap options to choose from and longer lasting soap. The secret here is, you give your soap long enough to “dry out.” Using the same soap bar every day twice a day makes it hard for enough time to go by to let your soap harden up again. The key is: The more soaps you like, and the more soaps you use, the longer they will last you.

5th way to make your soap bar last longer

Get an additional water filter for your shower

Adding a water filter to your shower can help, it may not make huge change. But, it can make showering more enjoyable simply because you DO absorb the water that you shower in. (Check out our blog on this here.)  If your water is “hard” or has an overage of chlorine, these factors will also contribute to natural soap washing away faster.  Truth is, chemicals react with and break down natural compounds.

6th way to make your natural soap bar last longer:

Shower less…

Showering less sounds a bit different from what we mean. Surely, we want everyone to stay healthy, clean and feel their best, but showering 4 times in one day is a bit much… Unless you’re professional mud wrestler… 

On the other hand, if you’ve had a more relaxing, leisurely day, consider only rinsing with water in the morning and go for the full on entire body wash at your nightly shower, or vice versa. Some people are avid once a day bathers, and for those who are not, perhaps picking an occasional day to only showering once will be in your benefit.

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