Hi, I’m Monika!

Thanks for letting me share my love of skincare with you!

In the early 2010’s, making soap was just a hobby for me, a creative outlet. My husband is a artisan soap connoisseur and has a large variety in the shower. He was really stoked when I began making soap. For holidays, I would gift my creations to friends and family, and they raved about the way that the soaps smelled and performed, urging me to sell them at the farmers market. I was pretty skeptical.

After a year, I decided to sign up for one of the local Farm & Art Markets, and it was a huge success! I sold out of everything!
At the end of the market season, I felt the call, and I knew what I wanted to do with my life. So I left a long career in veterinary medicine to pursue my organic skincare business full-time. I started by making every different type of soap known to mankind. I didn’t stop there, I wanted to make all the skincare products that I bought, which led this guide – SKINCARE 101.

woman standing on cliff

Then, one hot summer day, my mother-in-law called me, she’d been severely sunburned, like a lobster.
This happened at the very beginning of her long awaited beach trip. The entire vacation was ruined and she was devastated.
“Showering made my sunburn TEN TIMES worse! What’s up with that??” she asked.

I was instantly intrigued. What was up with that? What could make sunburn worse? It’s already sunburn, isn’t that bad enough?!

The answer is: you absorb the water you bathe in. This means that the soap you use gets absorbed deeper and faster than any topical you put on your skin when you’re not showering. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law used the glycerin-depleted hotel soap, and it exacerbated her sunburn – like pouring gas on a fire. For a longer, more scientific explanation: Sunburn 101

Suddenly, I knew what I had to do – invent the first all-natural soap that could, not only ease the pain of sunburn, but wash it away completely. I spent the next seven years selling at markets and refining my sunburn soap formula.
We would even get sunburned on purpose, just to test out my new prototypes.

In 2019, I finally perfected: The Original Sunburn Soap. It’s a truly magical, medicinal soap, that smells amazing, and actually works! So stash a 1oz. bar in your travel gear – get outside – and never worry about sneaky sunburn again!

Happy Adventures!
– Monika