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What Gets Absorbed Into My Skin When I Bathe?

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Bathing gets your skin cleansed of any dirt or pollutants, helps you lower stress, and feels really great. You might, however, be surprised to learn that the water and products you bathe in get absorbed into your skin. Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a well noted dermatologist stated, “Skin will absorb some water during both baths and showers…” Click here for the full article.

An important thing to remember, whatever products you are using, are getting absorbed quickly into your skin. Studies have shown that people who use natural soaps and skin products are less likely to have common skin conditions like eczema. The soap you use can also be related to any allergies or skin discomforts that may have recently become a troublesome for you. Make sure to read the ingredients lists on the skin products you are using and try to avoid common irritants like the ones below.

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Common Skin Irritants:

  • Fragrance Oils
  • Sun Overexposure
  • Micas/Dyes
  • Steroids in Topical Treatments
  • Harsh Exfoliants (like charcoal, salts, sugars)
  • Chemicals (in your water supply)
  • Synthetics
  • Parabens
  • Sulfates
  • Essential Oils (For those with high sensitives)
  • GMO’s
  • Extreme Temperatures (mostly cold)
  • The Weather

Thirsty Sunburned Skin

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Visit our SUNBURN 101 article for more detailed information. But, in short, the first shower you take after getting sunburned is a crucial moment in the healing process of your sunburn and will determine the length of your sunburn experience. Your skin is extremely “thirsty” after being overexposed to the suns ultraviolet rays, and now your skin is in a damaged state.

The good thing is, you absorb the water you bathe in, but if you use your regular stuff, you could make it worse. Like, if you get burned and you use the hotel soap, or a highly fragrance body wash, or a loofah, or a washcloth, you will most likely experience a longer healing time. It is important that you absolutely use all natural products, but that isn’t enough, now you need to be aware of many factors like: scents, heavier exfoliating ingredients like charcoal can exacerbate your sunburn. So, stick with products that are organic and non-GMO.

The Original Sunburn Soap Remedy

Our Original Sunburn Soap was created specifically to be absorbed deep into the skin during that first shower, whether it be on the beach at a public shower or in the privacy of an expensive hotel bath suite. Either way, the ingredients and the formulations took 7 years to perfect. And, now we can proudly say that on average, depending on how quickly you use this soap, you can see relief and your sunburn disappear in as little as ONE day!

We even took it a step further, by creating the first complete sunburn skin care regimen, with the Bye-Bye Sunburn Kit. Now you can naturally cleanse, tone, and moisturize your sunburn away, and get back to being on vacation faster.

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