Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I care what kind of soap I use?

A: Because, your skin absorbs the water you bathe in and the soap you use when you bathe. If you’re using a product that has discreet chemicals in it, your skin will react very differently than if you were using an only organic product. Many of the skin conditions today stem from using a product and not knowing that it contains ingredients that cause redness, irritation, and other skin conditions. Our products are specifically formulated with years of research and experimentation to perfect a recipe and a method for making each of our signature items. Bringing natural relief and building immunity through avoidance with harsh chemicals, man made colors and worst of all, sneaky fragrance oils.

Q: Why Fragrance Free, what does that mean?

A: “Fragrance free” means that we don’t use fragrance oils, which are harmful because they are made with toxic, hormonally disruptive ingredients and is now becoming known as the next “secondhand smoke.” Not to be confused with “Essential Oils” that are natural, pressed oils known to benefit those who don’t have acute allergies to them.

Q: Are your products purely organic?

A: Our philosophy is to make every single one of our products as organic and natural as possible.

Q: Do natural soaps washes away faster?

A: The truth is yes, natural soaps do wash away a little faster than conventionally made soap. With that said, there are many ways to increase the life of your soap bar. Because it is natural, it needs to stay out of the water except for when you are using it. Soap bags and soap trays were designed to keep natural soaps from “melting.” Some people even cut the soap bars in half or slices to prolong usage and prevent their beloved soap from washing away…

Q: What’s the difference between something Handmade vs. Mass Produced?

A: The quality of ingredients is really what’s important here. If something is mass produced, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad. What it does mean, is that the product may not have the artistic touches like someone who’s mastered their craft. But, again, it really depends on the ingredients being used and the method used to create the product. And, we now know that most conventionally made soap is filled with fragrance and additives.

Q: What is the difference between Natural vs. Organic?

A: The real difference is on the label. When everything on a label has organic written in front of it or has an asterix that means Organic & Non GMO, that’s how you can tell. You don’t want the label that has a bunch of ingredients and then the last one is organic or natural, just so they can write organic on the tag.

Q: What about all these “natural” products I always see in stores? Aren’t they the same thing?

A: It all depends on the individual product. Some are great! And, some are not so great… So, we encourage everyone to try all the organic and natural products that catch their eye. However, we do suggest that you still read the label thoroughly.

Q: I love your products and would like to support you as a small business. How can I help?

A: Leave reviews! Visit us at a market or shop from home in our online Gift Shop!

Q: How can we contact you?

A: Please email us anytime: or connect with us on social media. Find us at local markets and large events! We’d love to hear from you. #WildLove #NatureMinded #Wild&Free