Fragrance Oils: Friend or Foe?

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Have fragrance oils gone too far? Are they actually in “everything?” Will fragrance oils be the cause of mankind’s demise? Fragrance oil, it sounds so sweet. But, now it’s in all the soaps, its in all the laundry detergents, it’s snuck into your hand sanitizer, your perfume, his cologne, all those hair products, all these cleaning agents. It’s at the store, it’s at the mall, it’s on the street when you go for a walk, it’s probably on the moon, it’s everywhere! If that’s what it does to your nose, think about what it would do to your vulnerable, unsuspecting skin?

Should Fragrance Oils Be Illegal?

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  • It is literally everywhere. It’s like the High Fructose Corn Syrup of the scent world, check your labels.
  • Too strong of a smell, it’s too powerful. It’s too much when it wipes off you, onto me, and the whole world knows.
  • Lingers in the air for hours, on fabric for months, and in nightmares for lifetimes…
  • Easy to smear on, very hard to wipe off.
  • Misconception that fragrance oils smell good, affluent, expensive, or luxurious.
  • Makes breathing difficult, for the user and the “secondhand smokers” around them.
  • Causes headaches, nausea, asthma, and compounds body-odor to stink even worse.
  • Made with unregulated ingredients, that’s right, look it up for yourself by clicking here.
  • Dangerous to those with sensitivities and allergies.
  • Need more public courtesy. There’s no need to spray yourself with perfume or cologne more than once.
  • Your smell is the first thing that other people notice about you when you get together.

How To: Deal With People Who Wear Fragrance Oil?


Now, don’t go beating up everyone you come across that uses fragrance oils. We always want to treat others with actual kindness and real respect. There’s no reason to confront another person about the way they smell. Just, try to hold your breath… And, your tongue. So, even if you can’t hold your breath, at least you can still hold your tongue. If you really want to help them, introduce them to better options. Essential oil based perfumes, colognes, soaps, and more. Teach them to mix their own favorite essential oil combinations so they can create their very own signature scents. Buy more gifts from amazing, all natural, organic soap and summer skincare companies… Like us!

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