The Fine Art of Hammocking

WARNING! Those who are tense and are having a hard time relaxing are in for a real treat! Get outside, find a trail or paved path, and enjoy the moment. Hiking will increase your heart rate, your senses will be alert, observing all the beauty of life around you. Then, getting into your hammock and becoming part of the wilderness may be the relief you’ve always been looking for… Either way, it’s a hat trick: exercise, nature, stress relief all in one. If you pack a delicious snack, you’ve got yourself a real mini vacation!!

How to: Hammocking 101

Hiking in all its great glory, can sometimes become, a little boring… Especially, if you don’t have any new places to explore around where you live. An amazing way to spice up the nature outing is to bring a camping hammock. A hammock gives you the freedom to hike as little or as far as you like, then jump in your hammock to relax, afterward you’ll feel refreshed for the hike back.

Simple right? Hammocks have been around forever, invented in the jungles of South America, to keep the traveler off the ground at night (snakes). Modern models are lightweight, durable, and relatively inexpensive. And, if you are into overnight camping and backpacking, it’s a convenient and portable way to get off your feet. Think of it as your own little slice of paradise, a place where you can relax and let go of all the thoughts and decisions that clutter up your mind.

What hammock equipment do I need?

Hammocks can be found everywhere now, sports stores, amazon, you name it. Find the size that fits you best, think bigger is better,” two-person or double-nest” are recommended. Next, you’ll need the straps that go around the trees, and carabiners that connect the straps to the hammock. Most of the time all these parts will come together in the bundle. But, still make sure they do…

A rainfly (for rain), mesh netting (for bugs), an under quilt (for cold), and even hanging lights (for the dark) are all great upgrades to add to your hammock set up!

7 Easy Steps to Hammocking

  1. Find the perfect hammock for you. (Sporting goods stores, amazon…)
  2. Search out your local hiking trails and find ones with trees, that follow along waterways, or drift into the hills and mountains.
  3. Pack up your gear and goodies. (Food, music, hammock, etc.)
  4. Get to your new adventure trailhead and start hiking!
  5. Keep watch for secluded areas that aren’t too far away from the trail that have trees that are around 10 – 18 feet apart.
  6. Set up the straps around the trees first and then attach your hammock.
  7. Get into the hammock and try to get comfortable, continue to adjust the hammock attachments until you have reached maximum comfortability and RELAX!

Just hang out!

If you can’t make it out into the wilderness, don’t fret. Sometimes, the backyard or a shady spot in the meadow behind the art museum can be the perfect place to relax.


  • NEVER hook up your straps to a dead tree, or to tree trunks & branches less than 5” in diameter.
  • Stress, diet, and exercise are all major factors in your skin health.
  • Leave nature looking good, follow the parks rules so you can keep going as much as you’d like!
  • Bring your friends, make it a destination, and don’t forget to take pictures!

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