How To: “Go Green”

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Is Switching To ORGANIC Worth The Cost?

The answer is, yes. YES! Think of it like this, if you want better skin, treat your skin better.  You want a better body, treat your body better. Simple right? All you have to do is what’s best for you. Want to have a healthy, fit, attractive body? Everyone does…

But, some believe that soda and junk food is more important than fruit/vegetables. That watching their favorite show every night is more important than exercising instead, it’s really that obvious.  You can see the difference when you walk around and when you look in the mirror. It’s usually pretty easy to tell who’s feeling great, who’s fit, and full of happiness, just by looking at their body.

If you want to live your best life, treat this life the best. No more fast food, no more binge drinking, no more pretending it’s all gonna get better by itself. Now is your chance to let the world and yourself know, you are beautiful, you’re special, and you’re worth the extra time, money and effort. (You really are.)

Wellness Starts With Skincare

Seriously, if you start caring about the soap you use, it spreads to the things you eat.  Then you start looking at labels more carefully, and in no time you’re eating better and you’ve started taking walks. Now you’re feeling better, and you didn’t even realize how easy it would be. Or, how much you’d enjoy it!  

Deciding to have a great life means living a more “natural” lifestyle.  Eating what is good for you and your blood type, exercising with your own body type in mind, without judgement, and only using products that are eco-friendly and as organic as possible.

I understand this statement sounds really vague, but the truth lies in the application of one rule: loving yourself unconditionally. That means, when you make a mistake, or eat a second piece of cake, you forgive yourself. You must live by the code, from now on you WILL carefully monitor all the things that go into your body and into your mind. Your happiness depends on how well you can follow this rule.

Skin Irritation?

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These irritations are absolutely attributed to something you’re putting INTO your body or ONTO your skin. You either ate something your body doesn’t agree with, or put something on your skin that is an irritant like fragrance oil.  Also, eating the foods that are good for your blood type may make a huge difference on your skin. If you’ve never had eczema before but now you do… Means you may have a gluten, meat, or dairy allergy you didn’t know about. Or, it could be the restaurant you visited yesterday, that’s giving you that upset stomach and rash today.

Unfortunately, there’s not an organic variety for everything.  Somethings in this world will remain mass produced.  So, having to live without some of your old favorite foods may be the compromise you’ll have to make to get the body you truly desire. (And, it doesn’t get any easier living in a super-size-me culture.) Just know this, the body you want is hidden under the body you have.

Shopping at the right grocery store, trading out this GMO brand for one that is organic, these are the little steps that build the foundation of a balanced, natural lifestyle. Try to plan your meals ahead of time, fill your belly with more of the good stuff before moving to the “dessert” menu. Stay away from eating before bed, and watch out for the sugar content on everything!

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Mindfulness & Meditation

Our bodies are there to let us know when things aren’t right physically. But, our mind tells us when things are emotionally and mentally unbalanced. Do you have high stress levels, tight and tense muscles, or a hard time relaxing and decompressing?  These are all signs that your mind is having trouble finding equilibrium. Believe me, meditation is magical, but only if you make the time for it and take it seriously.

  Something as simple as taking a nap, or using a bath bomb, or even sitting with your eyes closed for a few minutes in silence can do wonders!  Check out videos on the internet. Try a beginners yoga class or take a course on conscious breathing techniques. Or, just paint a picture. There are a million ways to de-stress and become present in the moment. Find something you love to do, and do it! Remember, the pyramids were built one brick at a time, so if you don’t see results instantly… Keep at it!

 Common “Going Green” Objections:

  • Too expensive : Regular soap costs $4, organic soap costs $9, is $5 keeping you from looking and feeling your best?  Regular steak costs $10 but organic steak costs $20, is $10 worth your health? Plus, washing with nice soap makes showering really fun and relaxing.  And, eating well taken care of food is amazing, it’s the reason we all love to eat out! Stick with a diet that is good for your blood type, not just what tastes delicious! Stick with skin care routine specific to your skin type.
  • Natural soap doesn’t last that long: This is true, the more natural a product the faster it will go away.  Think of a banana, once you bring it home you’ve got a few days and then it’s banana bread time.  The more natural a product is, the better it is for you, and the quicker you need to enjoy it.  Check out our other blog for secrets to making natural soap last longer here.
  • Can’t decide who to try? Well, try as many different natural, organic options as you can! Find the one that works for you. All green companies are not equal. So look for the ones that are transparent about the things they use to make their products. Look at it like this, it’s a mystery that only you can solve.
  • The natural products that you’re trying just don’t work.  Just try to remember that what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. See what works and what doesn’t and go from there. Keeping a journal makes things a bit easier, then you won’t have to remember every single thing you ate or used on your skin. Try not to blame the whole natural industry, just because one product you tried is no good. It’s normal to have to try a great number of organic products before you find the one that’s perfect for you.

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