How To: Use a Bath Bomb

Watch our video for a quick demo on how to use a bath bomb.

Bath bombs are a fun an easy way to enhance your bath time experience. Simply drop it in the water and you’re ready to bathe and relax. That’s all there is to it, right? Well, yes and no.

First of all, what is a bath bomb? A bath bomb, or bath fizzy, is a pressed and dried mixture usually made of baking soda, citric acid, corn flour, flowers, herbs, salts, colors, and scents. And, when dropped into warm water, begins to dissolve by bubbling and fizzing, releasing the scent and contents of the bath bomb. Using the right kind of bath bomb is a fantastic way to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Bath bombs can be found just about anywhere, grocery stores and gas stations alike. So, how do you know where to start? Are all bath bombs created equal? Let’s find out…

How to use a bath bomb

Investigating Ingredients

When we look a little closer at those bright, sparkly, colorful packages of popular bath bombs, we find they are chock full of ingredients that you wouldn’t want to marinate in, like chemical fragrances, environmental pollutants, and artificial colors, just to name a few. There is a wealth of information available online about this topic, but we will touch on the biggest red flags to look for.

Fragrance (parfum)

This one I feel particularly passionate about because so few people know the danger. These toxic additives are hidden in so many of the products we use everyday. Fragrances are made of a mixture of chemical compounds, sometimes naturally occurring (such as in essential oils), but are most often lab made. Even though these fragrances might smell good at first, they commonly contain known carcinogens, such as phthalates and benzene derivatives. Other popular fragrance components include aldehydes (linked to diabetes, hypertension, and many others), artificial dyes (even FD&C colors are not your friend), and parabens (known endocrine disruptor).


Those lovely little sparkles end up everywhere. They’re pretty, but not when you see what they’re doing to our planet. Microplastics have been found in water samples from the most pristine environments on Earth. From the highest mountain stream, to the fish, birds, and even the food we grow, microplastics are sure to be found. Although the impact of these tiny pieces of plastics isn’t fully understood, it’s not too late to make a change and stop using glitter bath bombs.

Shopping for Bath Bombs

Okay, now we’ve established that not all bath bombs are good for you (or the planet). So, where can you find ones that are? Great question! Well for starters, let’s talk about labels. Even the big companies that use those naughty ingredients have to list them, so flip that bath bomb over and find out! Sometimes I think big companies rely on people making impulse purchases because their product is flashy. Oftentimes, ingredients that make a product “pop” on the shelf turn out to be not so great for you. It’s important to read labels and to know what you’re putting on your skin.

Since finding a natural bath bomb can be difficult in commercial stores, try shopping local and small business. Think farmer’s markets and pop-up events. There are so many talented individuals creating incredible things. I love going to markets like these because you never know just what you’re going to find. I’m constantly humbled and impressed by the level of energy, creativity, and love that go into these handcrafted items. Although I can’t make any promises, you should be able to find cleaner bath bombs at places like this. Plus, we all feel good when supporting local!

soap vendor at market

And for those that enjoy online shopping, sites like Etsy allow you to easily search tons of handmade items, including natural bath bombs. Just beware that the word “natural” is incredibly vague. Including the word “organic” in your searches may yield better results, but remember to always check the label.

How do I use a Bath Bomb/Bath Fizzy?

Step 1: Set aside some time for yourself where you can commit to self-care. I like to schedule this ahead of time and make everyone in the house aware that Mommy will not be available during this time. Think of all the things that will help you relax and recharge and try to incorporate them into your self-care. Plan ahead, so you can fit in that yoga session, or whatever it is that will leave you recharged and replenished.

Step 2: Grab everything you want to enjoy with your bath. Of course you’ll need your bath bomb, but you can supplement with additional salts, clays, herbs, or whatever you feel like soaking in. Don’t forget things to set the mood, like ambient lighting, soft music, and incense or essential oils. Our surroundings influence the way we feel, so make it as cozy as you can. For me, this includes candles, a few chocolates, and a good book.

Step 3: Soak! Fill up the bath with warm water to your liking. Once you’re ready to get in, place your bath bomb in the bath water and watch as it fizzes and releases all those great soaking ingredients into your bath. I always like to swirl it around with my hands and just watch the flow and play of the water. It’s incredibly relaxing and gives your mind a chance to settle.

Some folks prefer to rinse off in the shower after soaking in the tub. This is perfectly fine. Just avoid using soap, as we don’t want to wash off all those wonderful emollient oils from your skin!

What are the benefits of using a Bath Bomb/Bath Fizzy?

Bath bombs have many benefits, so let’s take a look at why they’re such a great addition to your bath time.

Skin moisturization

The first thing you’ll notice after using a bath bomb is the incredible moisturization to your skin. There is nothing that comes even close. No lotion, body butter, or cream can do what a bath bomb can for your skin’s moisture. Studies have shown that your skin does in fact absorb water and nutrients during showers and baths, so if you find your skin is feeling extra dry, give it some love and use a bath bomb!

Super Soft and Great Smelling Skin

As if remoisturizing your skin isn’t awesome enough, you’ll also notice that it’s now super soft, and smells great. I’ve personally found that when soaking in essential oils, the pleasant scent lingers on my skin for a good while after my bath. This is in stark contrast to, say, using an essential oil roller on your skin, which fades in mere moments. I feel it’s nice to have that lovely lavender smell throughout the evening, even once “me-time” is over.

Stress Release & Muscle relaxation

Another added benefit of soaking with a bath bomb is the relaxation, both to your mind and your muscles. Soaking in the warm bath water alone will help to relax tight muscles and stiff joints, but tossing in a bath bomb that includes salts, particularly magnesium sulfate (or epsom salt), can really elevate your relaxation. Magnesium sulfate dissolves in the water, which is then available to be absorbed through your skin. Salts are necessary for many systems in the body, but especially the muscles and nerves. Experience the difference for yourself. If your bath bomb does not contain magnesium sulfate, add about 1 cup of epsom salt to your bath water. You won’t regret it!

Get “Me” Time

I can’t stress enough how important this one is. No matter who you are, or where you are in your journey, take some time for self reflection and contemplation each day. In a busy world that can leave many of us feeling tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, or even forgetful, it’s all the more important to sometimes take a breath, recenter yourself, and feel all the love and appreciation for just being alive right now. It’s in the stillness that we can reconnect with ourselves and bring everything into perspective.

Peace of Mind

Something that I treasure about myself are things I’ve learned through personal time and self-reflection. These moments and experiences have allowed me to find tranquility in life. I know it’s easy to often forget about taking time for you, especially when our lives are so busy, but it’s important to acknowledge your needs. For the longest time, I avoided taking time for myself with the excuse of business, and watched my life become progressively more difficult to manage as the stress built up. I had to find out the hard way that our needs are more than just biological. Despite taking steps to boost my overall health, emotionally I was ready to explode.

I found that things like feeling safe, loved, and accepted felt really great. I’m certain that someone tried to tell me this at some point but I just had to find out for myself. Once I learned this important lesson, I was able to experience what it felt like to follow my heart, and start creating things from that love. I know it might sound cheesy, but it’s real. Acknowledge your needs because when they are met, we are no longer in survival mode. With this mental and emotional block removed, amazing things can begin to unfold.

Finally – Time to Relax

I hope this article helped inform and shed some light on the bath bomb frenzy. Just because something is popular or trendy doesn’t mean it’s good for you. And in this culture of conformity, we should always be wary of “the next big thing”. Just remember, anything that makes you feel good, is absolutely worth a little bit of time from your day. Because at the end of the day, we all want to feel great. Thanks for reading, love you guys!

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