Peppermint & Honey Organic Lip Balm

Peppermint essential oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that are perfect for treating dry, cracked, chapped lips. Add in a little bit of mango butter and honey, now you’ve got a enjoyable, dependable daily lip balm.


*Naked* Lip Magic Organic Lip Balm

Made with organic mango butter, coconut oil & shea butter to keep your lips plump and gorgeous.  Enhance your lipstick with natures miracles, and no added scent!



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Chocolate Coffee Organic Lip Balm

In the colder months, it’s nice to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate every so often.  Other times, it’s nice to have a cappuccino or a hot cup of coffee.   Make this moment memorable, for everyone who loves hot chocolate or a perfect café.

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Strawberry Limeade Organic Lip Balm

Liven up your lip routine with a new, fresh flavor, guaranteed to keep your lips from drying out and looking all crusty.


Lip Magic Strawberry Lemonade Organic Lip Scrub

WARNING! May cause lips to be soft, clean, and free from all those other grimey things that won’t wash off with just soap.