Ocean Breeze w/ Dead Sea Salt Organic Soap Bar

Dead Sea Salt is unmatched in terms of healing dry, damaged skin. That’s exactly why we put it together with the unforgettable aroma of a sandy beach. Smooth and ultra bubbly – this soap balances moisture and the cleansing properties of sea salt for a full finish wash.

Coffee & Chocolate w/ Cocoa Butter Organic Soap Bar

Fortified with Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to give your skin deep nourishment while refreshing, and adding vibrancy. Great on cellulite, scars, and blemishes!


Organic Whipped Coffee Sugar Scrub

Organic Coffee Beans are finely ground to exfoliate skin until it’s silky smooth and adds  moisture that lasts all day long. Caffeine found in coffee can increases blood flow, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.