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*Naked* Dead Sea Mud Organic Face Mask

Have a Dead Sea Mud facial in the comfort of your own home. Packed with minerals and salts, this mask was created to bring out the vibrancy of your skin while minimizing pores.


Spearmint w/ Hemp Oil & Bentonite Clay Organic Soap Bar

Bentonite Clay and Hemp Oil combine to provide powerful acne relief with truly gentle exfoliation and long lasting moisture.


Ocean Breeze w/ Dead Sea Salt Organic Soap Bar

Dead Sea Salt is unmatched in terms of healing dry, damaged skin. That’s exactly why we put it together with the unforgettable aroma of a sandy beach. Smooth and ultra bubbly – this soap balances moisture and the cleansing properties of sea salt for a full finish wash.

Coffee & Chocolate w/ Cocoa Butter Organic Soap Bar

Fortified with Cocoa Butter and Sweet Almond Oil to give your skin deep nourishment while refreshing, and adding vibrancy. Great on cellulite, scars, and blemishes!


Lavender & Brazilian Purple Clay Organic Soap Bar

Perfectly balanced Lavender Essential Oil, a touch of exotic Brazilian Purple Clay, finished with nourishing Avocado Oil, creates a heavenly body wash.


Cedar, Activated Charcoal, and Pine Organic Soap Bar

This soap was born in the wilderness, under the evergreen trees, downstream from the icy peaks of America.  Refreshment is its middle name, and cleansing deep is its game, how WILD are you?


Natural Fiber Soap Bag

Made with natural fibers, this woven soap bag is perfect for loofah style washing and storing your favorite soaps…

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Wooden Handle Body Brush

This brush was made for dry brushing, which can help improve cellulite, remove of toxins and dead skin cells, while adding relaxation to your daily routine.

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Organic Whipped Coffee Sugar Scrub

Organic Coffee Beans are finely ground to exfoliate skin until it’s silky smooth and adds  moisture that lasts all day long. Caffeine found in coffee can increases blood flow, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

*Naked* Heavy Duty Organic Hand Salve

Do you wash your hands a lot? Get cracks, redness, and uneven dry spots? We do too! That’s why we invented this amazing salve, because your hands are really important.


Boardwalk Wooden Soap Tray

Handcrafted out of premium Poplar, this boardwalk style soap tray lasts long, just like your soap.

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The Original Sunburn Soap

Sunburns hurt the worst in the shower, now you can say goodbye to redness, pain, and peeling with this amazing one-of-a-kind soap!


The Original Suntan Soap

This soap is for people who already have a base tan, but, maybe you’ve been out in the sun and you got a little too crispy. This soap eases that dry, sticky, burning redness and will have you fresh and golden bronze after just one shower.


After Sun Recovery Spray +Hyaluronic Acid

Sun exposure drains your skin of vital moisture, and re-moisturizing after a sunburn is essential. The Original After Sun Recovery Spray contains powerful Hyaluronic Acid, which can hold over 1,000 times its weight in water. This sunburn spray helps lessen peeling and flaking, and aids in sunburn recovery.


Nightly Organic Face Serum

Our Nightly Face Serum was made for keeping your face vibrant and clear, no more acne, no more red spots, no more worries!  Just use before bed every night to keep your beautiful skin… beautiful!


*Naked* Organic Whipped Body Butter +Cocoa Butter

Our signature Whipped Body Butter plus the moisture of Cocoa Butter.  Smooth, creamy, and long lasting so your skin stays sexy, vibrant, and hydrated.


WILD Eagle Snap Cap

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Unisex Long Sleeve Tee

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Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

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