Sunburn 101

Who Plans On Getting Sunburned? Nobody.

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It’s just one of those things that seems to happen without warning, SUNBURN. We’ve all been there, first day on vacation, you’re having the time of your life, nothing can go wrong… Except, when you get back to the hotel room and you look in the mirror, you suddenly realize you got way more sun than you thought. Now your mind is racing, “What am I going to do? Cancel all my plans? Hide inside while everyone else is having fun… I can’t go out looking like this! It’s humiliating!”

Or hopefully, you’re one of the diligent few that remembered to reapply. Rather, it’s your friend or loved one, that’s now covered from head to toe with bright red sunburn. What can you do? Aloe Vera, right? It’s cheap and you can find it everywhere. Aloe just works so slowly. The irony is, no one ever thinks they’re going to get sunburned! Don’t wait until it’s too late! Prep your gear with The Original Sunburn Soap and wash away your sunburn woes after just one use!

The Science Of Sunburn

When the epidermis (top layer of skin) is subjected to sun overexposure, it dries out and becomes compromised/damaged. That means that the top layer of skin gets burnt to a crisp, depleting all the moisture out, and needs to be gently removed for the skin to heal properly. That’s why we see and feel the redness and swelling that causes so much discomfort.

Complete sunburn skincare consists of, in its most basic form, a cleanser, a toner, and a moisturizer. With these three components used together, a person with sunburn has the best chance for a quick recovery. It is very important to treat a sunburn the instant it is noticed. The faster sunburned skin is cared for, the shorter the recovery period tends to be.

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Fastest Sunburn Relief Method

1st – Nourish your skin with a sunburn specific soap while gently exfoliating sunburnt skin cells.

2nd – Rehydrate your skin with an all-natural, balancing toner spray after you finish showering.

3rd – Gently moisturize with a light, botanical and aloe rich lotion, once the skin is completely dry.


Your normal soap or body wash; usually contain ingredients and scents that make sunburns worse.
Hot showers; hot water will exacerbate sunburn, if you can, try a cooler water temperature.
Using a loofah or washcloth can over exfoliate sun damaged skin, over exfoliation leads to more pain.
– Products that have artificial fragrances, colorants, synthetics, additives and even chlorinated water.
– Using anything with a petroleum base; traps in the heat and restricts your skins breathability.
Not showering / bathing due to exhaustion; this is your skins chance to cleanse and rehydrate.
More sun exposure: try to avoid direct sunlight, even reflected sunlight can make sunburn worse.
Irritation from clothes: look for thin, light material clothing for keeping your sunburn protected.
Moisturizing with heavy butter lotions can cause the skin to retain heat and may stifle rejuvenation.
Using only Aloe Vera, and gooping it on so much that it turns you into a green glob monster.

Common Misconceptions

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  • “I never get sunburned.” – This is usually said by the person who always gets sunburned. Over 100,000,000 Americans get sunburned every Summer, some of them get sunburned more than once! So, don’t fall victim to sneaky sunburn, prep your beach gear with Organic Suncare products.
  • “I always reapply sunscreen, so I’m good.” – Once again, usually said by the person who never reapplies sunscreen. The fact is, 67% of people that get sunburned, do so because they never reapplied sunscreen a second or third time.
  • “Soap is terrible for sunburned skin!” – Truth is, the wrong soap can be the most terrible sunburn agitator. Reason being, you absorb the water you bathe in, so that first shower after you get sunburned is vital, as your skin is super thirsty. But, if you use right soap, it can significantly reduce sunburn faster than any other method. The soap you use soaks into your skin very quickly, because your skin is dehydrated and bathing is a great source of fresh water. So, when someone says soap is terrible for sunburned skin, they are still 99% correct. But, now there’s ONE soap that’s good for sunburn!
  • “I’ll just sunburn my way to a tan, some color is better than no color…” – The reason this hardly ever works, is because the sun burns off the top layer of your skin. Then, after all the pain and peeling, you’re right back to where you started. It’s better to build a tan slowly, so the melanocytes in your skin can produce more melanin, which will create a naturally darker pigment to your skin over time.(Or, more freckles as some may have it…)

The Original Sunburn Solution

  1. Cleanser The Original Sunburn Soap is the 1st-of-its-kind, instantly reducing sunburns sticky, inflamed, painful effects after just one use. Aided by specific all natural ingredients that are designed to sink in fast and ease your hot, irritated skin during your first shower.
  2. TonerAfter Sun Recovery Spray rehydrates skin on contact! With cooling witch hazel, hydrosols, and hyaluronic acid for extra moisture holding power. Spray it on wherever, at the beach, on the trail, or after showering.
  3. MoisturizerBye-Bye Sunburn Lotion gently and lightly moisturizes sunburn away. Formulated with fast acting ingredients like Aloe Butter, Hemp and Argan oils to cool down and hydrate your skin.
  4. Travel Sized Bye-Bye Sunburn Kit, all three products packed together in this travel ready kit. Use it and get back to enjoying your vacation, on the same day you get sunburned!

What Else Can I Do If I Get Sunburned?

Seek Shade

If you suspect overexposure from sun or a sunburn on your skin, seek shade immediately. Large shaded areas away from bodies of water are best. Stay away from direct sun exposure and wear light, baggy type clothing that cover all the affected areas.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water than you normally would. Sunburns draw water to the skin’s surface and away from the rest of the body. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration and promotes healing. Eat a good meal and relax, don’t stress about it, you’ll be fine.

Cold Compress / Cold Shower

A cold shower or cold compress helps inflammation by not only numbing the affected area, but also reduces swelling, pain, and tenderness. Whatever you do, try to avoid getting in a hot tub, the temperature alone is bad, then add in the spray of the jets… This activity is not recommended for anyone with a sunburn.


Redness of the sunburn is caused by inflammation of the skin. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Tylenol) help to relieve inflammation, and therefore redness and pain associated with a sunburn. Follow the warning labels and take NSAIDs accordingly.

** For extreme sunburns, seek medical attention immediately! **

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