What Gets Absorbed Into My Skin When I Shower?

Showering helps lower stress and makes you feel clean. You might, however, be surprised to learn that the chemicals in your soap and skincare products may not only wash away natural oils from your skin, but are also absorbed into your skin.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist featured on the Today Show stated, “Skin will absorb some water during both baths and showers. It’s important to utilize the small window of opportunity — less than 30 minutes — after cleansing to apply your moisturizer to damp skin.” Read here for the full article.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian is emphasizing the importance of moisturizing right after getting out of the shower to enhance your skin’s ability to retain moisture. There is a small window of 30 minutes after a shower where moisture (and potentially chemicals) gets absorbed into your skin. Not taking advantage of this window may cause your skin to become dry or even damaged.

So what does this mean for you? Well, the soap or skin care products you regularly use in the shower or bath play a large role in your skin’s health. While using quality moisturizers after bathing can be healthy for your skin, the folks at WILD Organic suggest using soaps and skin care products that are not only made from organic ingredients, but contain built-in natural moisturizers that will help retain moisture, keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, and also save you an extra step in your daily self-care routine.

What Your Skin Likes, and Doesn’t Like

Most traditional heavily fragranced soaps are very drying for average skin, and people who wash using these soaps may not moisturize afterwards, making the oil stripping qualities of these soaps even more harmful. Leading brands often use clever marketing to convince you of the “pureness” of their soaps. While we’re not here to discredit our competitors, we simply want to draw attention to what’s in your soap. Listen to your body and start reading the ingredient labels on your soaps and other beauty products. Common ingredients to avoid include sulfates, alcohol, parabens, mica, and artificial colors and fragrances.

On the flip side, there are essential oils, herbal additives, and other natural ingredients that will moisturize and repair your skin without the use of anything artificial. With that said, the folks at WILD Organic are all about transparency. We proudly make our soaps and other skin care products using only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. However, we understand that just because it’s botanical doesn’t mean it’s not going to be an irritant or an allergen, and that some people are simply sensitive to certain ingredients, regardless of quality or source. Again, we encourage everyone to listen to their body and do right by it. It’s the only body you have, and your skin deserves to be happy and healthy.

Our products are specifically formulated with years of research and experimentation and only approved after hundreds of rounds of rigorous improvement. Our goal is to strike the best balance between organic ingredients, natural fragrances, and naturally occurring colors to give you the best bathing experience possible. But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about Wild Organic skin care products.

The Power of Tallow

Building off the information above, there are some people who (whether by choice or not) prefer completely pure, unscented, un-colored soap. Enter tallow.

First of all, what is tallow and why is it one of WILD Organic’s best-selling soaps? Well, tallow is rendered fat sometimes used in soapmaking. Its unique fatty acid structure closely mimics that of our own skin cells. On its own, tallow adds moisture, nutrients, hardness, and lather stability to soap. Most soaps and shampoos you find in a drug store will likely not have tallow.

So why use a tallow soap? Tallow is hypoallergenic and contains high amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which has been shown to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. It’s also packed with vitamins B12, B6, iron, and zinc to keep skin healthy by easing damage. Tallow is great for skin regeneration and repair and is a must-have for any skin care collection.

Oh, and did we mention it’s hypoallergenic?

WILD Organic Soaps and Skin Care Products

Healthy skin is a sign of good health. This is foundational for us at WILD Organic, where our mission is to create the very best skin care products using the highest quality organic and natural ingredients in the world. We care deeply for our planet, our signature process, and most importantly you, our customers.

Come check out our collection of soaps, bath bombs, oils, whipped body butter, scrubs, and more. Even if you don’t buy from us, we encourage you to read through our ingredient lists to learn what organic and all natural soaps are all about. If you only step away from this with a desire to start reading skin care product labels, or finally switch out that soap that’s been making you break out, then we’re just happy to have made a positive difference in the world.

If you’re still looking for an ultra-moisturizing bar of soap, in addition to our Tallow, WILD Organic recommends it’s Unscented 100% Pure Olive Oil Organic Bar Soap, and it’s Oats & Honey with Goat’s Milk Organic Soap.

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