What Outdoor Adventurer Are You?

1. The Explorer

man sitting near lake

These type of hikers love to get outside, just to be outside, no other reason is necessary. Rain or shine, snowy or windy, Explorers live for the moment, whatever the weather. They don’t just want to see nature, they want to be a part of it. Whether it be a weekend getaway or journeying 10,000 miles, an Explorer is always ready to answer the call of the wild. They know that out there, somewhere deep in the rugged wilderness, peace can be found, and hopefully they can snap a quick picture of it!

2. The Biker

man riding bicycle on off road

The thrill of the speed, the skill of the trail, the precision of the body and machine as one. Bikers are excitement seekers, they are the challenge takers, and their endurance is only exceeded by their dedication. Can you imagine riding at 60mph down a giant mountain? And, let us always remember to be extra courteous to any Bikers we see on the road, so we can help them safely enjoy their unique brand of adventure.

3. The Treasure Hunter

woman swimming underwater near a shipwreck

Arrgghhh! Not all Treasure Hunters are pirates, but all pirates are Treasure Hunters! What’s your treasure? Gold? Gems? Artifacts? Primitive tools? Ancient cities? A hidden waterfall? Treasures are hidden everywhere! And, now with geocaching websites, groups, and Apps, there are maps to find these treasures! If gold is your treasure, we would certainly find you in the mountains, panning in the eddy of some river with scuba gear on. If paleontology is in your blood, the high desert would be the best place for you to search for your treasure. Or, perhaps a wreckage on the bottom of the ocean floor off the coast of Cape Hatteras has grabbed your attention? Good luck be with all ye Treasure Hunters, may you find that which you seek!

4. The Runner

woman with white sunvisor running

“The beauty of running is its simplicity…” Deena Kastor, 2004 Olympic Bronze Medalist. Not only is it an upgrade on walking, running is great for lowering stress. Running is practically free to do, you can do it pretty much anywhere, and the only one that needs to show up, is you. For some, distance is the motivation, but for others the game is about getting into a hypnotic rhythm. There’s an unexplainable serenity when moving through the scenery with a real connection to the earth under your feet and the air that you’re soaring through.

5. The Athlete

silhouette of unrecognizable surfer on board

If you love soccer, football, tennis, boating, kayaking, golf, sky diving, hang gliding, horse sports, baseball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and all the rest, we know the feeling! To be good at any sport is incredibly tough, to be great at a sport is a true achievement. Every sport has it’s own set of rules, which makes it fun and difficult. Athletes know the impact of good teamwork, and when the competition is said and done, it’s the friendships that are more important that the championships.

6. The Camper

a woman sitting on the hood of the car

You’ll find these happy-go-lucky types off the trail, parked next to the stream, or hammocking in between some trees. They’ll tell you where they’ve been, where they’re going, and how they’re going to get there. These types have a different sense of time, to them it’s only day or night. They live for the smell of fresh air, the warmth of a raging fire, and the sight of an epic sunset. What to bring is a very picky subject for most Campers, each has their own set of trusted gear. Some Campers are minimalist, taking with them only the essentials, like a knife, water bottle, and a fire kit. Others, like to bring all the luxuries of the modern world. Either way, it’s always special when you’re surrounded by nature and sleeping under the dazzling stars.

7. The Hunter

city nature sky fashion

Fishing, trapping, crabbing, etc., we considered all of these to be types of hunting. Only a patient person can master the art of hunting, it takes poise, physical skill, and the will to never give up. Hunters are fearless in the face of danger. They are in tune with nature and the changing of the seasons. All their preparation leads them to the ultimate chase. And, when the hunt is on, it all comes down to that final minute where everything comes together in one raw, exciting moment.

8. The Forager

person carrying basket full of lavender flower

The walking plant, animal, and fungi identification encyclopedia, the Forager, is very much inspired by nature. In the awe and radiance of Mother Gaia, Foragers marvel at the amazing things nature can produce, given all the different conditions. They love embracing all of natures moods, and don’t mind the weather, rather you may catch them dancing in the rain. A true Forager wouldn’t hesitate to eat roadkill, worms, whatever is actually edible, if the circumstances call for it. There’s a special kind of calmness, an inner peace, that may rub off on you, the more time you spend with them.

9. The Homesteader

agriculture barn beautiful country

Call them farmers, gardeners, bee keepers, ranchers, rednecks, it doesn’t really matter to them. These are the types that love to ride horses, work with their hands, and grow incredible gardens. It’s rumored that they use solar power, build their own structures, and dig deep wells. They’ve also been known to supply their local markets with fresh meat, vegetables, dairy, fruit, eggs, and the sweetest honey. If you went to a thriving homestead right now, you would see acres of fenced land, many different kinds of animals, a barn, a greenhouse, a chicken coop, a pond, and some living structures. And, if you were lucky enough to be invited to stay for dinner, you would taste why they love being a Homesteader so much!

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