Natural is Better.

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Is it any wonder, that following a more natural lifestyle is the fastest way to feeling great? It’s all about what you put ‘in’ and ‘on’ your body. Everything we depend on comes from nature: food, shelter, water… So, it’s no surprise when we hear statistics that say, people who don’t eat fast food, drink soda, and smoke cigarettes happen to live longer, happier lifestyles. And, it’s easy to see why those who exercise daily are physically healthier. Taking a wild path may sound like a bunch of hard work, but it’s always worth it, because experiencing life is so much fun!


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The price for an awesome body is simple: Eat organic, fresh foods 85% of the time, exercise, and decompress daily. Feel good about what your eating, even if it is a donut. Use reliable, all natural products, because nature contains the real magic. Enjoy a variety of daily exercises, plus a little bit of yoga(stretching), and definitely some deep relaxation. Massage is a fantastic way to love your body. Now, go to the mirror and say, “I love you body” and really mean it! Because the body you see in the mirror, is going to be the body that transforms into the one you’ve always wanted.


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Taking time to sit with yourself, even if you hate it, should be done everyday. Making time for gratitude and meditation, which is only self reflection, is vital to balancing the ongoing stream of ideas in your mind. A “no worries” philosophy helps you loosen up and become open to life’s opportunities. Adventure is around every corner, and the easiest way to have a great time no matter what, is to make a game of finding it in every moment. Being a “yes” person is a positive way to stay connected with others and allowing life to flow through you.


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Do things that make you feel good! You are special! I don’t have to know you personally to consider you my friend. I really do appreciate that you took the time to read this article. Reminder – Get out into nature as much as possible! There’s magic hidden out there in the wilderness. It’s the perfect place to bring your friends and leave all your stress behind. If you’re like me, you’ll be looking for any excuse to get back out there ASAP! #livewild #livefree

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