PRESS RELEASE: Woman-Owned Skincare Products Business Creates Jobs for People with Disabilities

Monika Angelini, owner of WILD Organic Skincare, started making handmade soaps over 10 years ago when she became more critical of what synthetic-free and all-natural really meant. The skincare products she regularly saw on store shelves just didn’t meet her standard of quality. Fast-forward to today – WILD is handcrafting over 40 different organic skincare products, all made with sustainable, all-natural ingredients.

As a business owner, Monika takes a grassroots approach to supporting local, providing quality skincare, and promoting self-care and wellness for everyone.

“Operating a woman-owned business goes beyond just the growth and opportunity – it’s about helping others. Community supported us at pop-up markets and gave honest feedback that helped our business grow. The support of my family was also crucial – it meant everything. All of this fueled me to push harder than ever before, which is why giving back is such an important core value at WILD,” Monika said.

Brandon Angelini, Monika’s husband, has been supportive of WILD’s mission and growth from the beginning, but his passion for helping women-owned businesses goes beyond just WILD Organic Skincare. When their business was just getting off the ground, Brandon’s sister, Gabi, a person with Down syndrome, was having a hard time getting a job. Despite having a diploma and a unique skill set, employers were still hesitant to hire her. Through family intervention, love, and a little luck, Gabi started Gabi’s Grounds, a North Carolina non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities find meaningful employment.

“Gabi is a rare gift, and I’m honored she’s my sister. She’s always been very special and now the world knows why. Her capacity and willingness to support others with disabilities is not only amazing, but inspires us to do the same,” Brandon said.

In Spring of 2021, Monika finally perfected a one-of-a-kind soap called The Original Sunburn Soap. The unique recipe of this soap bar was created to help relieve and reduce sunburn pain and peeling, and promote healthier summer skin. This is where a great idea met a great cause. As a business operating out of Raleigh, North Carolina, WILD has partnered with Gabi’s Grounds to help promote equal access to persons with disabilities in the workplace. Gabi’s Grounds helped connect WILD with workers to help the skincare company launch its newest product, employing an average of six or more workers at a time.

“When The Original Sunburn Soap became a local hit, we couldn’t think of a better workforce to assist us than Gabi’s Grounds. Gabi and her team helps us prepare and package our products, which is invaluable to our business. It’s an opportunity for all of us to connect and have a little fun too. WILD’s mission has always been to help everyone feel beautiful in their own skin. Being a successful business and doing good for others really goes hand-in-hand with our core values and our social mission,” Monika said.

About WILD Organic Skincare

WILD Organic Skincare is all about sustainable, organic, affordable skincare that’s good for you and the planet. Our mission is to create finely handcrafted skincare products using the highest quality organic and natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just natural and organic ingredients you can trust. After 10 years of formulation and product development, WILD Organic Skincare continues to evolve as it discovers new and innovative ways to share organic skincare with the world.

Local Love - WILD and Gabi's Grounds
Pictured in top-most photo: Brandon Angelini, Monika Angelini, and their son Eli (right), and Gabi Angelini (third from left).

Media contact: Brandon Angelini, info@wildorganicusa.com

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